A Project Tracking Software Gives You Full Control Over Projects

A project’s affairs need to be deftly handled and tracked from time to time to know if they are being conducted in the right manner by the concerned persons. By checking their status, any deviations or inconsistencies arising in them, can be identified clearly and quickly at an early stage and these can be promptly and effectively resolved even before they snowball into major problems. If unresolved, these can lead to a project’s delay or failure.

So tracking of project tasks and activities is a must to ensure that these are getting executed as per plan and schedule and that a project is moving in the right direction. Manually tracking these is not possible due to their huge number and their varying complexities, so a sophisticated mechanism is needed for their prompt and precise tracking.

An online project tracking software enables precise tracking of tasks and activities. It helps in planned, organized and scheduled execution of tasks and leads to timely and successful accomplishment of a project. It helps in optimal utilization of the resources allocated for a project. It also helps in project’s execution within the stipulated budget.

It enhances communication and collaboration among team members placed in different geographical locations around the world who can quickly and effortlessly connect, communicate and collaborate with each other over various project matters. They can quickly raise any issues or concerns being faced by them at work and these can be quickly and effectively resolved through the suggestions and views provided by all participating members. This saves time and raises their productivity as they can resolve matters fast and collectively. Thus they can better function as a team.

Tasks and activities can be described in detail and can be clearly documented which helps team members to understand what their tasks are and when they need to perform them. They receive timely email notifications when their tasks approach their deadlines. This helps them to perform them timely without ever forgetting them. Thus tasks can be better tracked and members become more accountable for their tasks.

Its Gantt chart feature helps a project manager to assess accurately the progress achieved over various tasks. He can easily establish dependencies among interdependent tasks. If a task gets delayed, all tasks dependent on it can be conveniently rescheduled without the need to change the project plan. As all team members fill in the level of completion of their tasks on a daily basis, he can easily know if the tasks are being executed in a timely and required manner. As they are clearly and graphically projected, he can better view and understand all tasks and activities in one place and assess their status clearly and accurately rather than inspecting each and every task separately. This saves his time and effort over planning and organizing tasks. Delaying of tasks can be better taken care of and these can be quickly executed in a prioritized manner.

A project tracking software enables proper assessment and tracking of project activities and tasks and ensures their timely, sequenced and planned execution. So there are greater chances of projects getting successfully and timely accomplished with due achievement of their objectives. And this will boost the involved organizations’ growth and development.

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