bdwThe first class services provision from DIRECTV Phoenix Arizona has transformed the American satellite television industry tremendously. For instance, this particular satellite TV firm progressively works towards enhancing consumer experiences thus attracting more customers and by extension realizing enviable customer loyalty. The firm currently collaborates with other top-notch internet and phone services provision companies to improve customer experiences. The partnership allows clients to bundle phones and the internet within the Phoenix Arizona with services courtesy of DIRECTV. Clients are thus able to access five distinct tier packages priced from about 30 dollars to about 100 dollars monthly. These five packages are:

• The Entertainment package,
• Choice package,
• Extra package,
• Ultimate package and,
• Premier package

The packages offer 140, 150+, 205, 225+ and 285+ channels respectively. This satellite TV firm is the dominant player in the US satellite TV industry as it offers the greatest number of HD TV channels. This has propelled to the pinnacle of the satellite TV industry especially amongst HD picture quality enthusiasts. Arizona DIRECTV subscribers are able to watch NFL games every Sunday as it has the distribution rights to these highly sought after tickets.

All one needs to do to subscribe for one of the five TV packages is to enter in to a contract agreement spanning 24 months with the company. One has to enter credit card details after qualifying as an approved customer. New clients are however required to pay about 20 dollars as handling and delivery fee. The installation fee is also subject to tax adjustments. DIRECTV offers phone services and high-speed internet. These two services are in essence available as a result of collaboration with a number of select internet and phone services providers though these services are charged separately. Note that high-speed internet is dependent on availability, as some Arizona regions may not have internet access.

DIRECTV offers more than 165 HD channels including the local HD channels from the Phoenix Arizona region. The local HD channels from TV stations in Arizona are offered free of charge via the promotional copy. The firm also has an on demand library containing more than 10,000 titles, which subscribers can view at no extra cost. Its highly rated Genie product enables customers to view two channels at the same instance and has a 1TB storage space for recording HD TV programming. This enables clients to watch recorded programming via digital devices such as tablets and smart phones.

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