Why Get Fiber Optic Internet

Why Get Fiber Optic Internet

Moving into my new home was so exciting, but I had no idea how I was going to afford to keep cable TV for my children and still afford the home phone and high speed internet, that I desperately needed because I work from home.

Then my new neighbors told me how I could bundle and save with Verizon FiOS. I signed up for the TV + High Speed Internet + home phone, and saved with the select bundle service all in one convenient monthly bill.

Verizon FiOS internet is fast, reliable and I stay connected with my customers with the convenience of a wireless router and wireless home networking.

As the fastest and speediest method of broadband, reaching speeds up to 500mbps/100mbps, fiber optic internet offers more time to upload videos, play their favorite online games and video chat with significantly less time buffering.

With instantaneous connection speeds fiber optic technology offers much faster speed than DSL or copper based cable and is the fastest way to transfer a lot of data. So, no matter whether you are video chatting colleagues of family, or just watching your favorite shows on Netflix, you can connect quickly and seamlessly.

Fiber optic technology uses light to transmit data. By using light transmissions instead of electricity this technology offers higher frequencies and greater capacity for data. Fiber optic cables are glass or plastic based and are not vulnerable to the electromagnetic interference of metal cables.

Sending fiber optic communications works by transferring light through fiber optic wires where the light meets an amplifier that translates the signal and sends it through the network to the consumer offering much faster speed than DSL or cable.

FCC reports state that a company offering fiber optic technology has the lowest latency and can provide speed of more than 100 times the rate of DSL or cable providers and with Gigabit fiber download speed is increased by up to 20 times faster.

Fiber optic internet offers more than just speed, it offers new possibilities; chat without interruption while streaming several HD movies all at the same time, save mobile data by connecting tablets and smartphones to in-home Wifi, download and upload files symmetrically and is the perfect solution for families with multiple high-bandwidth internet users.

Now, I can stay connected and keep up to date in the world, tap into new deals, specials and events up to 40 times faster with fiber optic technology. And thanks to Verizon FiOS I can comfortably work at home while my children enjoy their cable TV and I enjoy a price I can afford.

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